Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Comanche Cove located?
A: Comanche Cove is located just outside of the Granbury city limits. The front gate can be accessed off of Highway 51 (Paluxy Highway). The back gate is located off of Highway 144, a right on Heritage Trail, and a left on Woodcrest. The office is shown on the map below. Comanche Cove’s Office is located at 3103 Park Drive, Granbury, TX  76048

Q: What property is for sale in Comanche Cove?
A: Comanche Cove Owners Association does not buy or sell property.

Q: How much are the Annual Assessments (Dues)?
A: Annual Assessments are $105 per lot and they are due by April 1 of each year.

Q: How can I pay for the Annual Assessments?
A: Comanche Cove accepts Checks, Cash, and Money Orders which must be mailed or dropped off at the office. We do not accept Credit Cards.

Q: Are mineral rights conveyed to new owners when they purchase lots?
A: No, mineral rights were retained by the developer.

Q: Do Building Permits Cost?
A: Yes if you are building a house or contracting a manufactured home. Building permits must be approved by the Architectural Committee before construction begins. The cost of the building permit is $1,000. Porches, fences, carports, garages, storage units, etc. can be added to an already existing residence with a building permit at no charge.

Q: What Utility Companies provide service in Comanche Cove?

  • Monarch Water Company (Southwest Water) (Texas Water Utilities)  1-866-654-7992
  • United Cooperative Electricity 1-817-326-5232
  • Frontier Waste 888-854-2905
  • Septic Systems required (Hood County Health Dept for information 1-817-579-3288)

Q: Can I rent the Community Center?
A:Yes. The cost for Comanche Cove members is $150 per night with a refundable deposit of $300. The cost for non-members is $300 per night and a refundable deposit of $300. The deposit is only refundable if there are no damages to the property (including flooring, windows, bathrooms, etc.). The Community Center is non-smoking, alcohol free, and offers a bathroom, kitchen, tables and chairs. Contact Comanche Cove for availability.

Community Center Rental Form 001

Q: What areas does the Maintenance cover?
A:  Maintenance maintains the upkeep of all common areas including roads, parks, swimming pool, and mowing. Maintenance does not include person property or lots owned by members.

Q: When does the Pool Open?
A: The pool opens on Memorial Day and closes on Labor Day. The pool opens at 12:00 pm and closes at 8:00 pm until July 4th. Starting on July 4th the pool opens at 12:00 pm and will close at 9:00 pm.