About Us

Comanche Cove Entrance Gate

Comanche Cove Owners Association has a Board of Directors consisting of seven members who strive to make this community a better place to live and raise a family. The Cove is made up of 2,364 lots ranging from commercial to residential. The office is located in the Community Center. This community offers country living, scenic views, a swimming pool, boat ramp, parks, archery range and much more. 

Comanche Cove History
Comanche Cove Owners Association was developed March 8, 1976. Comanche Cove is located just outside the City of Granbury, off of Highway 51 and winds to Heritage Trail off of Highway 144. The speed limit is a posted 25 mph. The General Manager, Sue Hoffman, has been managing Comanche Cove for 20 years.

Member Testimonials

“Nicest Small Pool in Hood County”
 “Close Knit Community, where neighbors still help each other”

Board of Directors

President, Danny Wilson 

Vice President, Jay Keiser 

Asst.Secretary/Treasurer, Ann C. Grasty

Ann has been a resident in Comanche Cove for 21 years. Ann has been on the Board of Directors since 2001 and previously worked on restrictions to  help clean up the Cove.  Ann has been the President, Secretary/Treasurer and the Restrictions Director for the Board of Directors in the past.

 Secretary/Treasurer, Peggy Manion

Restrictions/Maintenance               Benjamin Espinosa 

Pool, Teresa Espinoza

Teresa Espinoza and her husband have lived and are raising their children in Comanche Cove. They also have Commercial Property in the Subdivision. She is bilingual and has helped the community for years.


Restrictions, Theresa Lewis